Deep Cleaning

Deep House Cleaning in Santa Ana

More often than now, the first clean of an ongoing house cleaning service will need to be a deep cleaning. This is a requirement for most house cleaners as the time spent for an initial clean is often considerable more than subsequent cleanings. In the following article, we’ll take a deep dive into deep cleaning and Santa Ana and see exactly what’s involved. The best way to quickly describe a deep cleaning is that it makes sure EVERY inch of your home is clean and tidy, with the harshest messes that have been left to build up for months or years handled fully. Then every future cleaning is much quicker.


Of course, costs depend on the size and condition of your home, but most homeowners can expect and initial deep clean to cost between $200-400. Routine cleanings – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings – typically cost in the $150-250 range.

While a deep cleaning is more expensive, there are good reasons for that and a good value to you as the home owner. With an initial deep clean, subsequent cleanings will be quicker and less expensive and quickly bring your house back up to that initial deep clean quality. If the first deep clean is skipped, future cleanings will take longer, cost more, and not feel as clean.

When to Get a Deep Clean

As mentioned above, a deep cleaning is required in most cases, unless you’re switching from another home cleaning service or have kept your house in especially nice condition. Other times a deep clean may be appropriate include move-in or move-out cleanings, before or after holidays, or before or after large gatherings or family get togethers.

So…the next question is…

What’s the difference between a standard cleaning and a deep cleaning?

The main differences are in scope and detail. Here are some of the differences between a standard house cleaning service and a deep cleaning service in Santa Ana.

  • Bathrooms: Deep cleaning will include cleaning the door of scuffs and fingerprints, dusting individual items on the counter, scrubbing grout.
  • Kitchens: In addition to standard cleanings, the deep cleaning will include the inside of the stove, the inside of the hood, inside of the pan drawer, removal and scrubbing or stove heating elements and heating element pans.
  • Living Areas: We will dust your blinds top to bottom, all mirrors and ceiling fans scrubbed, vacuuming underneath beds and other pieces of furniture,

The Bottom Line

To get right down to it, a deep clean means every inch of your house will be spotless, even those inches you can’t normally see. Does it cost more? It will absolutely cost more for an initial deep cleaning, but the value if absolutely there.

As mentioned above, every subsequent house cleaning service will feel better and be worth more if you start with a deep cleaning service. What you ultimately want is to come home everyday to a house that feels good. Nothing feels better than a spotlessly clean house.

You pay tens of thousands of dollars per year to live in your home, why not pay a few hundred per year to make it feel like a vacation house every time you enter the front door.