Move Out Cleaning

Move Out Cleaning

One of the biggest worries for anyone moving out of a rental is getting that security deposit back.  Nothing makes a landlord more willing to return your security deposit than seeing an empty, spotless apartment they can quickly turnover.  Go ahead and schedule a move out cleaning today to impress your landlord and get that security deposit back!

As a local cleaning company, we want to work with real estate agents and landlords.  Trust us to make your life easier and make sure your properties are ready to re-lease as soon as possible.  No more worrying about the state of your property at the end of the lease.  Let us handle the move out cleaning and you handle your business.

If you need a move in cleaning, we do that too!

Santa Ana End of Lease Cleaning Services

We have a strict checklist specifically designed to ensure all move out cleanings meet our high standards. We cover all areas of your property and ensure NOTHING is missed.

    • Rooms: We vacuum all carpets, mop all vinyl, tile and wood floors, and remove trash.  Walls and doors are cleaning top to bottom, removing cobwebs and stains.
    • Windows: We wash all windows inside and out including wiping down all PVC and wood frames, sills, and baseboards.  Windows are cleaned with streak free cleaners for a spotless shine.
    • Kitchen: We clean kitchens inside and out.  This includes the exterior of all appliances and under all movable appliances. We scrub the floor and cleaning the cabinets inside and out. We clean and shine the sink, counters, and faucets.
    • Stove: We remove racks and soak them while we clean the inside, the top of the stove, under heating elements, inside the pan drawer and the hood inside and out.
    • Refrigerator: We wash the refrigerator inside and out, cleaning vegetable drawers and under/behind all drawers and receptacles. We defrost and clean the refrigerator and freezer.
    • Bathrooms: We clean the bathtub, ensure to scrub away any grime and buildup.  If needed, we will let cleaning sit long enough to cut through the worst stains. We clean the toilet inside and out as well as polish the mirror and any other glass surfaces. Scrubbing the floors including behind the toilet.