New Construction Cleaning

Your customers expect to be WOW’ed when they plan to buy a new construction house. It’s not acceptable to show a newly built house in anything other than perfect condition. Our house cleaning service can be applied to a post construction cleaning very easily. The same standards apply.

Top to Bottom House Cleaning

Every cleaning begins with a dusting – starting at the ceiling and working towards the floor. This way, any dirt or dust removed from up high, gets cleaned up later on. This also ensures that nothing is missed as we do it exactly the same every time, following our post construction cleaning checklist.

Without a checklist, it’s extremely easy for a cleaning crew to miss little details here and there. As the builder, you know that no construction project is really done until that final cleaning is finished and the place is spotless.

In all rooms, we will remove trash, labels and stickers. We will take care of painters tape and masking tape as needed, clean and polish  all glass, wipe heating, ventilation, and air conditioning vents and returns. We will clean window trim and sills as well as the spot-free clean the glass of the windows. We will clean all hardware including doors, drawers, cabinets, furniture, and lamps. We clean floors, whether its mopping hardwoods or vacuuming carpet. Vent grills, baseboards, molding, trim, door frames, and switch plates are get a good cleaning.