Orange County House Cleaning Services

Orange County

Orange county, with its 3,000,000+ residents, is the 6th largest county in the country, by population! The county seat is Santa Ana, with a population near 350,000. With most of the population made up of suburban residential areas, there are lots of houses to clean!

With all the Orange County attractions like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and many beautiful beaches, why waste your time cleaning when Santa Ana House Cleaning Agency can handle it for you!? We would love the opportunity to provide you with time off to recharge so you can come home to a clean house to relax.

Cleaning Service for Orange County

Let’s face it.  You know what services are offered by a cleaning company!  We all mop and dust.  We all clean the inside of the fridge for a little extra.  We vacuum and we sweep. We don’t need to tell you again all of the things we do.

Let’s talk about what YOU want.

You want to enjoy the house you’ve worked so hard to obtain.  You want to be able to get home from work and not have to get right back to work cleaning up! You want to know for sure that your house is being taken care of the way you would take care of it – Or BETTER! You want to know that your belongings are safe and that every inch of your house is being treated like our own.

Dirty House Problems

When you’re working your butt off to afford that beautiful home and provide a high standard of living for your family – it is often very hard to find the time to truly clean your house the way it deserves.  But lets think for a minute about the consequences of a dirty house.

1) Home Value – In the long term, when a house is not cleaned properly, you end up losing value.  For instance, a hardwood floor that has been profesionally cleaned two to four times per month will look just as beautiful in 10, 15, even 20 years as it did the day it was finished.  A hardwood floor left uncleaned (or rarely cleaned) will begin to lose its shine and luster almost immediately.  The buildup of dust and other particles and the subsequent foot traffic is sure to slowly sand away that beautiful finish. The same goes for carpets, paint, walls, windows, stairs, appliances, doors, ceiling fans, etc. etc. etc.  Let us keep on top of cleaning and keep your home value at it’s peak!

2) Dirty House, Cluttered Mind – The connection between your physical space and your mental space cannot be overstated.  If you want to give your brain the best chance to work at peak performance, then make sure your physical space is clean and organized. Sometimes all you need is a clean and organized space to give your mind the rest it needs to be at its best.

3) Things Get Lost – It’s incredibly easy to misplace things in a dirty and disorganized house.  When everything has a place and the place is clean and tidy, it’s very easy to keep track of everything.  I personally know of families who have saved hundreds of dollars per year simply because they didn’t have to re-buy things that got misplaced in the clutter!